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Why choose Private Dentistry?

Some of the most modern and advanced treatments in dentistry are not always available on the NHS service, especially cosmetic or aesthetic treatments or treatments such as implants.

The NHS provides an excellent and high quality service but the affordable nature of the NHS limits it to certain treatments and the maintenance of basic dental health.

Private dentistry not only offers different, more advanced options it provides the patient with the opportunity to have a more treatment time with the dentist and a more relaxed experience.

Popular Treatments

Why is Private Dental Treatment more expensive than NHS treatment?

It is partly due to the extra time that is allocated to treatment visits.

In addition many private treatments such as tooth coloured fillings and aesthetic tooth coloured crowns and bridges use more sophisticated and therefore generally more expensive materials.

These treatments often require a higher level of clinical skill and the work of a highly skilled dental technician.

The dentist will often work very closely with the dental technician to achieve these excellent outcomes.

Private Fees



New Patient Examination




Scale and Polish

From £20.00

Air Polish

From £30.00

Hygiene Visit

From £42.50

Tooth Whitening (Upper and Lower Teeth)


Small White Filling

From £60.00

Medium White Filling

From £80.00

Large White Filling

From £90.00

Root Treatment

From £120.00

Cosmetic Veneers

From £350.00

Cosmetic Crown

From £350.00

Cosmetic Dentures

From £480.00

Chrome Denture

From £380.00

Partial Acrylic Denture

From £240.00


From £45.00


From £60.00

The above list is not comprehensive and a full treatment plan with costs detailed will be provided for each individual treatment course. Treatment will only go ahead when the patient is fully happy with the treatment plan and the costs involved.

We will attempt to always provide the patient with all treatment options whether NHS or Private with a full explanation of the treatment plan proposed.