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Children’s dentistry has always been a high priority at Goldenacre Dental Practice and establishing good habits at an early stage in life can lead to a mouth that  needs little if any dental intervention.

Prevention is the key to success and we help to support parents and reinforce good dental prevention messages from birth.

We work alongside the Childsmile programme which works in schools’ nurseries and the local community to provide positive dental messages on prevention and diet and the application of fluoride varnish on the developing teeth!

Normally we attempt to start looking at a children’s teeth from 12 months old and onwards.

We do however realize that all children are unique and that this age will vary from child to child.

We encourage parents to bring their child in as early as possible however to become familiar with the sights ,sounds and smells of the dental environment.

Coming in for a dental appointment should be and very often is, a pleasant experience for a child and we reinforce this with lots of encouragement and the all-time favorite ‘Stickers’!

As a child grows and develops there can sometimes be the need to refer to a Specialist Orthodontist to ensure that as their adult teeth come in and they are able to develop in the correct way and end up in the optimum position for both function and to look their best.

The aesthetic/cosmetic effect of high quality orthodontic treatment helps with self confidence and self esteem but also positions the teeth in an optimum position for cleaning and maintenance.

Again this is important to help prevent accumulation of food and plaque and to make toothbrushing a s simple and effective as possible .


Our main referral Practice for orthodontic treatment in Edinburgh is Edinburgh Orthodontics with whom we have worked for over 20 years and have an excellent working relationship.

This is an entirely Specialist Practice limited to providing orthodontic treatment.

We also work with other Orthodontic Practices in the Edinburgh area

Other Children’s referral specialists

On occasion we need to seek a second opinion or the services of other Specialist Dentists

We can access these through the Edinburgh Dental Institute or in some cases other specialist disciplines           

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