Since 1948 NHS dentistry has been the backbone of Dental services provided in the United Kingdom and at Goldenacre Dental Practice this forms over 75% of the dentistry that we do.

Prevention advice and intervention is the cornerstone of modern NHS dentistry but where necessary we are still able to treat decay ,gum disease ,infection and replace missing teeth to a high standard and return patients mouths to full dental health in an affordable way.

At Goldenacre this is our philosophy for adult patients and children!

Below is an NHS guide price list. This is not comprehensive but gives an indication of some of the more commonly carried out treatments and procedures. Some patients may qualify for full or partial exemption from paying the patient charge and a full list of exemptions can be obtained on our “Exemptions And Income Support” page.

NHS Fees

Treatment Price
Examination Free
Small Metal Filling (Back Tooth) £7.40
Large Metal Filling (Back Tooth) £19.00
Small White Filling (Front Tooth) £13.96
Large White Filling (Front Tooth) £28.80
Root Treatment (Front Tooth) £40.00
Root Treatment (Back Tooth) £83.72
White Crown (Front Tooth) £116.84
Metal Crown (Back Tooth) £102.48
Partial Denture From £77.96
Full Dentures (Upper and Lower) From £180.28
Extractions From £12.40

Become An NHS Patient

You can apply to become a patient by calling the practice on

0131 552 4024