Our aim is to see all dental emergencies as soon as possible during the normal working week (Monday- Friday).

Depending on the severity of the emergency, advice may be given over the telephone and an appointment organized as soon as possible.

Severe Emergencies

Some emergencies have a higher priority than others and we will try to see these patients as soon as possible on the same day.

What is classed as a severe emergency?

Dental or facial trauma where teeth have been loosened or lost,and any tooth fracture where the nerve (pink/red area in the middle of the broken area) has been exposed.

Swelling which has started to affect the neck, tongue or eye.

Severe toothache that has been affecting sleep and which is not responding to normal analgaesics such as paracetamol and/or ibuprofen.

Bleeding following tooth extraction which is continuous for several hours and doesn’t respond to pressure from cotton pads.

If in doubt contact the Practice and we will be happy to give you more specific advice!

Emergencies Outside normal working hours and Weekends

We are members of the NHS Lothian Emergency Dental Service and outside of normal working hours, weekends and Public Holidays treatment can be accessed through this facility.

If required please call NHS24 on 111 where you will speak to an experienced staff member who will Triage(assess)your emergency and arrange for an appointment if required.

The emergency service operates from the Chalmers Street Dental Centre (next to the blood transfusion building beside the old Edinburgh Royal infirmary)

Please note that some emergencies may need to be seen at St.Johns Hospital in Livingstone if a facial fracture has occurred.