On occasion it is necessary to seek the services of a Specialist Dentist.

This is usually because the dental problem is particularly complex or we feel that the patients best interest are better served by seeing a Dentist who has specific experience in that area.

Referral Examples:

Orthodontic treatment- adults and children

Children’s dentistry -Particularly for anxious patients or patients with severe dental neglect. Also, patients with Special needs.

Oral surgery- certain extractions such as impacted wisdom teeth are often better treated by a Specialist

Implants- Many implants can now be placed in the Practice, however for cases of particular complexity especially full mouth reconstructions this is better undertaken in a Specialist Practice environment

Root treatments(complex)- Most root canal treatment is carried out in-house, but due to the complex anatomy of some teeth and also in some cases where root canal treatment requires to be replaced, it is necessary to call on  the help of a Specialist endodontist.

Some of these treatments are available through referral to the Edinburgh Dental Institute especially Children’s referrals. However, we are finding it increasingly difficult to access treatment for all Specialist areas through the Dental Institute and as a result have developed excellent working relationships with other Specialist dentists in the Edinburgh area working in Private Practice.